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  • 08-26 20:41 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第七章(3)

    I TRIED TO HAVE A NORMAL LIFE AS A KID IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING, BUT IT WAS ROUGH. 尽管有种种不如意,我还是试着当一个普通孩子,但是那很难。    I tried to be social. To fit in. I really did. But, like I said, every time, just as I would start to get comfortable and make friends-- BOOM! W
  • 08-19 14:29 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第七章(2)

    THE WORST PART ABOUT THE WAY I GREW UP WAS THAT I NEVER HAD A REAL HOME. 我的成长过程中最糟糕的部分是,我从未真正拥有家的感觉。    I was always bouncing around from school to school, and the moving hurt my interest in education. I went to two different kindergartens in Missouri. One wa
  • 11-16 00:46 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第七章(1)

    7 FAMILY MAN 第七章 有家的男人 BEING A DAD MAKES ME FEEL POWERFUL in a way that I hadn't known before, and it's the kind of power I don't want to abuse. It's the kind of power that helps me overcome the bad shit from my child hood. It's like I'm rewriting my own history. 做了父亲后,我感受到了前所
  • 11-15 00:08 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第六章(5)

        This problem is not something I'm proud of. I mean, I'm a lot better than I used to be. I am. But it's still messed up. I'm 35 years old. I'm a dad now. Once you hit 30, you're supposed to at least be a half-grown-ass man, you know what I mean? The truth is, a lot of things put m
  • 11-13 22:15 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第六章(4)

    {翻小译:译者你给我出来!这个礼拜马上就过去了!你跑什么呀?!不声明了?说好的长篇大论呢?你丫把我晾这儿就算完了?喂!} MY MOOD CAN CHANGE QUICKLY.It's always that way. When I was drinking, I could be in a good mood-- just loving everybody and feeling like everything was great-- then somebody would
  • 09-24 20:54 各种崩溃><

  • 09-21 23:38 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第六章(3)

       Proof and I got in the same squad car-- got thrown in, that is. We were both cuffed. And I said to him, "Damn, they fucked you up." He was like, "They fucked me up? Look at you!" They didn't want to have us take mug shots because of how bad we looked. Afterward, I h
  • 09-20 00:25 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第六章(2)

       Hey, y'all have to recognize that I'm a man with a plan. True, they're not always the best-laid-out plans, but there's some thought that goes into my moves. So I saw an espisode of Cops said that in the state of Michigan you can get a mandatory year for each bullet if you don't have a
  • 09-16 02:04 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第六章(1)

    第六章 愤怒控制 ANGER MANAGEMNET I'VE ALWAYS HAD ISSUES WITH MY TEMPER.When I look back at myself during those years when everything was blowing up, I think maybe at first I was a little, you know, too aggressive and loud. It was like I had this voice and I had to be heard. "Don't fuck with m
  • 09-15 00:48 [翻了个译] Eminem自传The Way I Am 第五章(4)

    {翻小译:笨蛋译者又偷懒了,昨天没有更新。言而不信,何以为言?译者:天地良心啊!昨天学校断网,上网全靠手机啊!各位见谅啊!翻小译给我一边凉快去啊!} There was some weird shit in 8 Mile too. I fought tooth and nail (and won) to get this scene with the horse out of the fucking movie because it made

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