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   I tried to be social. To fit in. I really did. But, like I said, every time, just as I would start to get comfortable and make friends-- BOOM! We'd moving again. When you've just transferred to a new school, you know how that shit is -- it sucks. You don't know anybody, so you've got to start over and re-get to know everybody. Recently I was trying to remember all the schools I went to. I had a very long list, and I don't even think it was complete. It started to make me sad. I used to think that to fail in school as many times as I did was my fault. But in hindsight, was it?

   Making new friends every couple of months ain't easy for any kid, but it was especially hard for me because I was so quiet. Shy. I was getting beaten up, and I would get nosebleeds and then sometimes my ear would bleed. That was Marshall Mathers. Never was social. Never had too many friends. Which goes against the image I put out there with my music, as an emcee who's up in your face with all kinds of opinions and shit to talk. That's Eminem. Truth is, I've never felt like I belonged.
    每个月都交新朋友对任何孩子来说都不是易事,但对我来说尤其难,因为我太沉默了,太害羞。我总是挨打,被揍到流鼻血,有时候耳朵也会出血。那就是Marshall Mathers。一向不善交际,没有太多朋友。这同我在音乐里塑造的形象大相径庭。那个凑到你眼前废话连篇的MC,是Eminem。真相是,我从未有过归属感。

   We moved to Warren, just outside Detroit, when I was about to turn 14. We were staying with my grandmother on Timken Street because we didn't have a place to live and she wouldn't make us pay rent. That's how I ended up going to Lincoln, in the suburbs. I went to some of 7th grade and all of 8 grade there. That was the longest I ever went to one school. I started meeting a lot of Chaldean kids, and they became my first real friends. There were a few black kids in there, but it was mostly whites and Chaldeans, who are Christian Iraqis that settled in Detroit. (Here's something crazy about Detroit: Saddam Hussein got the key to the city in 1980. He gave a bunch of money to a Chaldean church and he got the key to the city.)
    我快满14岁时,我们搬到了Warren,就在底特律城外。我们和我的祖母一起住在Timken Street。因为我们没有地方住,而她不收我们房租。然后我就去了在郊区的Lincoln上学。我在那里上了部分7年级课程,以及所有8年级课程。那是我呆的时间最长的一所学校。我遇到了一些迦勒底小孩,他们成为我第一批真正的朋友。那里有一些黑人小孩,但大部分是白人和迦勒底人,住在底特律的信基督教的伊拉克人。(底特律的疯狂往事:萨达姆·侯赛因于1980年进入过这座城市。他给一所迦勒底教堂捐了一大笔钱,然后他就得以进入底特律了。)

   By the time I was supposed to start 9th grade, we had moved to the East Side of Detroit. So I wasn't able to carry my friends into high school, and high school is the biggest transition in your life. I put a lot of blame on myself because I could have enrolled in Osborn instead, but I didn't. When you grow up like that, with the moving and never fitting in and getting bullied, it makes you angry. It just does. Especially when you go back and think about it. So it's something I've tried to block out.

   Sometimes my mom gave me money to buy cigarettes for her. She'd give me four bucks for two packs of Winston Light 100s, and I'd steal the cigarettes and keep the monkey to buy my lunch. I was on the free lunch list at school because we were always on welfare, which is embarrassig. Most of my friends were in the free lunch program, and they will tell you exactly how degrading it was. The worst was if there was a hot chick standing behind you, or one of the football players. I uesed to be terrified of those dudes because they were bigger than me, and they all hung in packs. So you'd get to the front of the line and you'd have to say, "I'm on the free lunch list," to some old lady who could barely see. She's got her glasses all crooked and shit. You'd be like, "My name is Mathers." And the old lady, who could also barely hear, would shout, "OH, YOU SAID YOU'RE ON THE FREE LUNCH LIST, HONEY?" And she'd check again and be like, "I DON'T ...I DON'T SEE YOU HERE. WHAT'S YOUR NAME AGAIN? MATHERS?" This was the deal at every school I ever went to. So the rare times when I could buy my lunch, I felt proud.
    有时候我妈妈会给我钱去她买烟。4块钱,买两包Winston Light 100s。我会去偷烟,然后拿这钱去买午饭。我在学校的免费午餐名单上,原因是我们总在领救济金。这很尴尬。我的大部分朋友都在名单上,他们能告诉你那到底有多丢人。最糟糕的时候是有漂亮小妞或是橄榄球员排在你后面时。以前我很怕那些人,因为他们比我大,而且成群结队地活动。轮到你了,你不得不对着某个眼睛几乎看不见的老太太说,“我在免费午餐的名单上。”她的眼镜都已经用得扭曲了。你得说:“我的名字是Mathers。”而那位老妇,她的耳朵也几乎听不见,她会喊,“噢,你说你在免费午餐的名单上,亲爱的?”然后她会再看一遍名单,说:“我没有…我没有看见你的名字。再说一遍你叫什么?Mathers?”我每上一所学校都会发生这样的事。所以偶尔可以花钱买午饭时,我会感到骄傲。
[译者废话:这首歌叫Space Bound。歌曲早有了,MV是去年才出的。译者忘记放过这个视频没有了。]

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