Kellogg Recommendation Questions 2013-2014

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  1. Please comment on the candidate’s career performance and impact on the organization. Cite specific examples (e.g., ranking relative to others in the industry, progression within the organization, evidence of intitiative and goal orientation).
  2. Evaluate the candidate’s demonstrated leadership and potential (e.g., developing others, ability to influence others and advocate for his/her ideas, smart risks he/she has taken, ability to deal with ambiguity).
  3. What are the three areas you perceive as the candidate’s weaknesses? Provide an example of how the candidate has dealt with constructive feedback and made efforts to address these weaknesses.
  4. What observations do you have about the candidate's interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with and support others (e.g., maturity, self-awareness, integrity, listening skills, sense of humor, respect for different viewpoints, resilience, sense of others)?
  5. Please comment on the candidate’s intellectual and problem-solving abilities (e.g., analytical and quantitative skills, critical-thinking abilities, creativity, curiosity).

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