Yale video interview procedure

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Just Finished my video interview.
1 - Follow the link in your email. This will take you to the interviewstream website where you will complete your questions.
2 - Read the details, watch the instruction vid, nothing complicated.
3 - When you click start you'll test your equipment and be offered a test question. Take it, it will give you a feel for the real q's.
4 - Click continue and you'll be given an introduction the the interview by the head of admissions, for me this was actually quite calming and gave me a couple of seconds to breath. The intro implies that not all applicants are given the opportunity to interview and that they are using the system to help reduce carbon footprint. The reputation of Yale for social responsibility leads me to believe that this is probably true, however I'm sure that there is a cost benefit as well so expect other schools to adopt this in the future, particularly for international students.
5 - When you click start the question is both read out by the head of admissions and written on the screen. I read fast so, I got a couple of extra seconds to think about my answer before the recording started.
6 - When the head of admissions finished talking there is a 3, 2, 1, countdown and the recording begins. You'll see a progress bar and a countdown clock. This helped me to frame my answer in the required sixty seconds but made the interview feel frantic and perhaps a bit rushed.
7 - Rinse and repeat for the other two questions.
8 - Click submit, you'll have no opportunity to redo any questions you mess up on so be prepared to give it your best shot first time round.
I generally approve of this, It's a good way to get some face time with the adcom if visiting is somewhat difficult. The questions are as others have described but with some minor differences so best strategy is to prepare as you would for any other interview but frame your answers in sixty seconds or less.
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