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1. Don’t apply too late. You have heard and read it several times – apply early for your best chance of being admitted. It really is true – the class is close to being full at the application deadline. Many great, but late, candidates end up on the wait list and remain there until a spot becomes available.

2. Don’t forget to proof read. Even native English speakers have spelling errors, typos and grammatical mistakes on their applications. Take the time to proofread and present a clear, concise and compelling application.

3. Answer the essay questions. You may think that you can save some time and use the same essay for different business schools, however, when your essay is reviewed it quickly becomes apparent that you are not answering the question we asked. You are not saving time by re-using your essays, but wasting time and blowing away this opportunity.

4. Remember that the GMAT is only one admission requirement. Many applicants over focus on preparing for the GMAT and do not put the same about of time and effort in the rest of their application. The GMAT is not the most important aspect of your application. Your grades, work experience, admission essays and references are just as important. Yes, there are candidates who are not admitted with high GMAT scores. Likewise there are candidates who are admitted with relatively low GMAT scores. An excellent application can lessen the impact of a weak GMAT score. But an excellent GMAT score cannot compensate for a weak application.

5. Don’t overstate your work experience. Avoid trying to present your work experience as more senior than it really is. Although there is no formal requirement, we recommend a minimum of two years’ work experience therefore, you don’t necessarily have to lead a team or have management experience to have a competitive application. We are interested in your potential and will accept candidates who may become a star, in addition, to those who are already stars.

6. Choose great recommenders. Do not assume that because someone agrees to provide a reference for you that it will be positive. Take the time to discuss your application with your referees and remind them of your accomplishments and achievements. Ask if they will support your application and hope they will answer honestly. One poor reference will lessen your chance of admission; two weak references will almost certainly cause you not to be admitted.

7. Don’t over/under sell your extracurricular activities/volunteer positions. Do not portray yourself as an Olympic athletic if you participate in a sport recreationally. Or don’t elevate yourself to the board of directors for your volunteer organization if you are one of dozens or hundreds of volunteers. Likewise don’t sell yourself short, if you are an elite athlete, have started a charity, had a significant impact on an organization – tell us.

8. Prepare for the interview. There is no ‘do-over’ for the admission interview. You have the chance to study for the GMAT and re-write if possible. You can also spend a number of weeks editing and proofreading your admission essays. However, you only have one shot at the admission interview. Use the opportunity to show that you are a perfect fit for Rotman and that you are excited and enthusiastic about being a Rotman student.
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