Columbia Business School Recommendation Questions 2012-2013

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  1. What is your relationship to and how long have you known the applicant? Is he or she still employed by your organization?
  2. Please list three to five adjectives describing the applicant’s strengths.
  3. Please compare the applicant’s performance to that of his or her peers.
  4. What does the applicant do best?
  5. If you were giving feedback to the applicant regarding his or her professional performance and personal effectiveness, in what areas would you suggest he or she work to improve?
  6. How does the applicant accept constructive criticism or handle conflicts?
  7. How effective are the applicant’s interpersonal skills in the workplace?
  8. Please rate the applicant’s individual vs. team orientation (1 = most effective as an individual contributor; 5 = focused exclusively on the team)
    Please elaborate on your rating:
  9. Please give an example of how the applicant has demonstrated leadership.
  10. Is there anything else you feel we should know?
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