Harvard Business School Essay Topics 2010-2011

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The 2010-2011 essay topics have been published and are as follows:

Question 1 (600 words):
What are your three most substantial accomplishments and why do you view them as such?

Question 2 (400 words):
What have you learned from a mistake?

Please respond to two of the following (400 words):
1.    What would you like the MBA Admissions Board to know about your undergraduate academic experience?
2.    What is your career vision and why is this choice meaningful to you?
3.    Tell us about a time in your professional experience when you were frustrated or disappointed.
4.    When you join the HBS Class of 2013, how will you introduce yourself to your new classmates?

Students applying for a joint degree with Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Kennedy School must provide an additional essay (400 words):

How do you expect the joint degree experience to benefit you on both a professional and personal level?

All essays must be single-spaced.

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