Big Three MBA申请评估

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Topway会员:Mr. Wang, 能否评估一下我的背景,看是否有实力申请排名最靠前的三所学校,i.e. Harvard, Standford or Wharton?

我的背景:GPA 3.8 from a top Chinese university (Econ major) 670 GMAT , 630 TOEFL 3 years work experience at one leading multinational enterprise in Shanghai. 应该说我的本科成绩很不错的,但是我的GMAT成绩明显比上述三所学校的平均分要低30-50分。我有多大的希望呢?谢谢你的热心咨询!

H.S.Wang: I'm not surprised you have heard mixed things about your background as, sadly, there is a considerable amount of disinformation out there. Each year, we help numerous applicants whom others tell can't get into top 50 MBA programs, gain admission into top 5 and top 10 schools.  

Assuming your GMAT quant percentile is not too much, if even at all, lower than your verbal percentile, and you are not an overrepresented foreign applicant, your academic qualifications will not keep you out of any of these 3 schools. There is a considerable GMAT range for all of these schools and, internally, we don't even find it newsworthy to help an applicant with a 670 gain admission to one of these MBA programs.

Your academic qualifications only account for 35% to 40% of the admission decision at the top schools. A large amount of the decision comes down to your story (reasons why an MBA, why now, diversity, etc.), extracurricular involvements, and career progression.

While I certainly do wish you all the best of luck with your applications, if you find yourself dinged at these schools, feel free to contact me directly about our ding analysis service.

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