INSEAD MBA 北美面经 2013录取 [2012-09]

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台灣姐姐 (30+)   在北美波士頓地區BS   新竹交通大學       Chemistry
MS Tufts University  Chemical Engineering
Professional School Certificate   from MIT   
(lead a M&A project in a pharma class in Sloan --> lead to my personal hobby in biotech stock investment) 

GMAT 690
A few publications in science (not significant)
Work Experience:   almost 8 years in pharmaceutical R&D    (Scientist/Engineer)


INSEAD MBA Interview1  (INSEAD interview sheet + resumeprovided, no essay material)

Location: Interviewer’s office   (Boston,USA) 
Interviewer :  VentureCapital, Partner (High Tech)

  1. Tell me about yourself  (up to your most recent position)
  2. Ask many detail questions in every step of mycareer choices (Why did you do this, and what did you think it effect you laterin your career….)
  3. Why do you want an MBA, and why INSEAD
  4. What do you think you want to change thepharmaceutical industry?  And how do youthink to make it better.
  5. The interviewer noticed my hobby and askeddetail about it (Fantasy baseball) àalso asked me if I attended the Sports Management conference organized bySloan.  My answer is no, since theadmission fee was way too high.
  6. The interviewer asked me about my professionalcourse experience in Sloan, and experience (in detail). 
  7. Questions for interviewer

Since the interviewer works for venture capital, heconstantly reminded me the difference of “dream” and reality.  So while I was mentioning my goals, theinterviewer was kindly giving some of the feedback, and helped me to realizewhat is practical and what is not. During the entire process, not only theinterviewer was able to carefully pay attention to all my answers, but alsogiving out suggestions for my career goals.

I had sent him a thank you note and received a nice reply.

INSEAD MBA Interview2  (INSEAD MBA interview sheet + resumeprovided, no essay material)
Interview location:  weekend morning at a local coffee shop      ~90 mins process
Interviewer:  Female,  Entrepreneur(Healthcare)  (Boston, USA)

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Why do you want an MBA, why INSEAD
  3. What would be your ideal job?  
  4. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced
  5. What is your strength?  What is your weakness? 
  6. Hobby: interviewer noticed my hobby (films), and asked me how did it affectme? 
  7. Questions for interviewer

The interview takes almost 90 minutes.

Theinterviewer liked that I did not send her entire package of my applicationessays (apparently a lot of other of other interviewees did).  She like the way how I presented myself inperson.   She also gave a lot of adviceon the language qualification section (you need to speak at least threelanguages in order to receive a degree from INSEAD).

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