Stanford MBA Program —— Reapplicants

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Admission to the Stanford MBA Program is very competitive. We cannot offer a place to as many applicants as we would like in any year.

If you are not offered admission you are welcome to reapply in a future application year. Each year we offer admission to reapplicants who present strong, compelling applications.

What You Should Know

  • Having applied in a previous year is not considered a negative factor in your application.
  • Reapplicants are evaluated on the merits of the new application and are required to complete and submit an entirely new application, including Letters of Reference, Transcript(s), and Application Form.
  • The Assistant Dean for MBA Admissions does have access to previous applications, however, and may choose whether to review them prior to a final decision.
  • Give yourself a fresh start when you approach your application and address weak areas.
  • Determine if other recommenders may provide a more insightful and thorough perspective.
  • Add new information that may be helpful in the admission process.

Use Current Application Materials

  • Application requirements, including essay questions, change from year to year. It is important that you meet current application requirements.
  • The application fee is not waived for reapplicants.
  • As long as your test scores (GMAT-GRE and TOEFL-IELTS-PTE) remain valid, you do not need to have them resent from the test centers. However, you do need to self-report them in the application. If your test scores are no longer valid you need to retake them.
    • Are your TOEFL-IETLS-PTE scores valid for the application round in which you wish to apply?
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