Duke,Tuck, Kellogg and CMU Tepper MBA Interview experience

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I actually visited all the six programs i applied to in Round 1 in this Sep. . The below four offered self initialized interview, so i took the advantage and did it on campus. Below are the question list of each school.

I got Michigan Ross and Conell Johnson interviews as well later, one was alumni interview and the other was on the phone, will share the question list and experience later.Thanks!

Duke: On campus Y2 student Erin
1: you have climbed so many mountains, which is the most impressive one?
2: Walk me through your resume
3: why Duke
4: Why now
5:how do your friends say about you?
6: how do your colleagues say about you?
7: how do your boss say about you?
8: scenario: if a team member is not performing, what will you do?
9: leadership example
10: how would you contribute to the team in Duke

Kellogg: On campus with adcom
What is the highlight of your university life?
Why Kellogg
What teamwork aspects do you want to improve in MBA?
What is the difference between your responsibilities in the beginning and the end of the first role?
For so many qualitycompliants you handled, have you provided any suggestion of improvement to your company?
how would you contribute to the team in Kellogg
What do you want to add up?

CMU Tepper: on campus with adcom
Walk me through your resume
Why tepper
what is your leadership style

Tuck: on campus with adcom (with two Y2 students observing)
leadership example
failure (follow up on how to persuade team)
What is your greatest achivement?
What do you regret most?
Why tuck?
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