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电话面经,和adcom assistant 面的。

1. go through your resume (期间问了一个小问题)
2. short term goal
3. what action you take to reach such goal?
4. why cornell
5. other school apply? what charicstic you are looking for from a business school?
6. what value you can add to the school?
7. tell me a time when you turn down a opportunity?
8. tell me a time you face a challenge?
9. how you could contribute to a team when not leading?
10. how do you motivate people who don't want to be motivated?
11. how you balance work and life? (我不知道应该怎么回答,我就说我是result oriented, 该忙的时候忙,该玩的时候玩)
12. what do you do in personal times?
13. 问了我application中的一个疑问的地方,她应该是对着review我essay后的一个notes照着问的
14. describe analytic part of your work..(这个问得好莫名,我是咨询的,靠搞分析吃饭的,感觉她对申请人行业也不是很了解)
15. any question for me?



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