MBA Reapplication Tips from Michigan Ross

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Reapplication Tips
Goals or Essays

Many times, applicants have not identified their goals clearly or the link between these goals and an MBA is not clear. You may want to consider doing informational interviews with people you know who have an MBA and / or work in the industry or career you are interested in pursuing. Another great resource is, a website that provides information on MBA careers.

Fit with Ross
Each MBA program is unique. As such, we want to understand why you feel Ross is the best fit for you. Providing generic reasons for Ross, or quoting information from our materials and website, is not helpful. Be sure you have a clear understanding (and essay) about why Ross is the best MBA program for you.

In general, your recommendations should be from a supervisor who knows your skills well and is able to provide specific examples from your work experience. Recommendations from faculty are not as helpful as they don't have sufficient exposure to your professional skills or the appropriate perspective to comment on your career potential.

Your accomplishments should be clear throughout your resume, essays, and recommendations. We want to see your track record of success and understand how you have made an impact on your organization. A description of promotions is not what we are looking for. Rather, we want to understand your actions in making an impact on an organization, and what that impact was.

If your GMAT score is below our average, we encourage you to consider retaking it to improve the competitiveness of your file. Regarding your undergraduate performance, if your background is less quantitative, or if you struggled in some of your coursework, you may want to consider taking some quantitative classes. Finally, if your undergraduate performance is less than stellar, you can use the optional essay to address the situation.
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