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Marketing manager or Business Leader? 众所周知,Kellogg的市场营销全球第一。许多申请人因此而强调自己的市场营销的背景和管理能力。这样的思路误入歧途。KelloggAdcom更希望我们把Kellogg看作一个试图超越Marketing school的超级强校。而他们正在寻找的申请人是超越了marketing management,会成为leader的人。

那么你一定要问,managerleader的区别在哪里呢? Essay中应该如何体现呢?

Managing and leading are two different ways of organizing people. The manager uses a formal, rational method whilst the leader uses passion and stirs emotions. William Wallace is one excellent example of a brilliant leader but could never be thought of as the manager of the Scots!

Differences In Perspectives

Managers do things by the book and follow company policy, while leaders follow their own intuition, which may in turn be of more benefit to the company. A leader is more emotional than a manager. 有一个essay展现自己靠intuition, courage, decisiveness, persuasiveness, team wisdom and group efforts 帮助公司make a breakthrough/leap

Subordinate As A Leader

Often with small groups, it is not the manager who emerges as the leader. In many cases it is a subordinate member with specific talents who leads the group in a certain direction.

用一个essay展现自己was not an appointed leader, but exhibited strong leadership,特别是 When a natural leader emerges in a group containing a manager, conflict may arise if they have different views. When a manager sees the group looking towards someone else for leadership he may feel his authority is being questioned. 你是如何处理这个棘手的问题的。


Leadership Self Test

1. I think more about immediate results than I do about mentoring others.

2. People will be motivated if you pay them enough.

3. It’s nice to know about people’s long-term goals, but not necessary to get the job done.

4. If you have a consistent recognition system that rewards everyone in the same way, then that is enough.

5. The best way to build a team is to set a group goal that is highly challenging, maybe even “crazy.”

6. My greatest pleasure in my job comes from making the work process more effective.

7. I spend more of my time and attention on my weaker performers than I do on my top performers, who basically take care of themselves.

8. It’s better not to know anything about the personal lives and interests of the people who report to me.

9. Sometimes, it’s almost as if I’m a “collector of people” because I’m always recruiting and getting to know new people.

10. I like to surround myself with people who are better at what they do than I am.

11. I am a lifelong student of what makes other people tick.

12. People talk about “mission” too much – it’s best just to let people do their work and not try to bring values into the conversation.

13. It’s my job to know everything that goes on in my area.

14. I pay close attention to how and where I spend my time, because the priorities I put into action are the ones that other people will observe and follow.

15. I’ve worked hard to get along with or understand people who are very different from me.

2002年度最新的Business Week全美商学院排名中,Kellogg管理学院跃居榜首。在总体MBA就业形势异常严峻的情况下,学校为学生找工作的不屈不挠的精神使学生和公司招聘者们十分满意Kellogg

Kellogg主要培养的是市场营销方面的专家,其团队工作精神、处理人际关系和市场营销的才能都是一流的,学生的综合管理能力也仅次于Harvard StanfordKellogg曾在不断发展的商管教学中独领风骚,现在它正致力于在表面上的暂时退步中努力创造一个新潮流:建立多元化的、富有更多的文化底蕴的学校。学校把重点放在global managementadvanced technologyentrepreneurship和着力改进基础课程上。

刚入学的学生在劳动节(9月的第一个礼拜一)之后要参加室外冒险活动。在这之后,即9月份的第三周,有完全由200名二年级学生组织的CIM conceptual issues in management)为你讲解工商管理的一些基本概念。这种活动曾是Kellogg 教学规划的一个特点,现在已被推广到大多数工商学院中去了。新生于9月份的最后一周开始上课。一年共有三个学期,每周上两次课,共1小时40分钟。你必须修满23门课才能毕业。如果在大学里你已有了商务学位,Kellogg为你提供一年内获得硕士学位的机会。Kellogg的大多数MMSMaster's of Management)学位获得者主修17个领域中的23门,如marketinginternational businesspublic nonprofit managementKellogg努力实现教育国际化,以确保处于商管教学的领先地位。该校努力扩大国外校友会,在法国、德国和以色列发起三个国际工商行政管理项目,使教师们能把教育着肯于全球。 Kellogg的七个系统都至少有一门课是关于国际问题的,各系在课程设置中都借鉴了国际上的经验。学生们可以学习日语、法语、德语和西班牙语,成绩不计学分,每门只需花150美元,并且时间上与正课不冲突。Kellogg的学生们自己创造性地设计两个学期之久的国际研究项目,学生在一个教师指导下自拟大纲,确定研究课题,探索他所研究的国家地区的工业所面临的关键问题。学生在冬季学期完成这一研究,春假期间到选定的国家进行为期两周的考察,春季学期中总结出研究结果上报给指导教师来访的企业决策人。


Kellogg不仅在marketing方面声名卓著,而且在general management, manufacturing finance方面也相当不错。对那些对非营利部门职业感兴趣的学生,学校为他们开设有14门课程,这一点Yale Stanford都是赶不上的。对那些毕业后从事公从职业或在非营利部门工作的人,学校有宽免贷款方案。









–要强调自己的Diversity 和国际经验。



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