EMLYON Business School Summer Session Program 2011申请信息

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EMLYON Business School Summer Session Program 2011申请信息
Program introduction:
You are currently enrolled in a MBA programme or a MSc in Management programme and you want to reinforce your understanding of the European Business Environment and with one of the leading European Business Schools, our EMLYON Summer Session is surely designed for you.

This session is designed for participants who aim to play a role of top managers in a global context. 
Our Summer Session takes place in Europe (EMLYON Business School, campus Lyon, France); it focuses on the European Business Environment and global entrepreneurship.
Target Applicants: Graduate/MBA students
Program Structure:
Module 1: European Business Environment
Credits: 5 ECTS  
Date:June 6th-17th, 2011
This 2-week module will offer your students the possibility to develop their understanding of European Business Environment, it will give them the background knowledge needed to understand Europe as a whole, thus underlining the common features of European Countries, but also emphasizing a notable characteristic of Europe: its diversity.
Module Director: Professor Fred Seidel
Module 2: Entrepreneurship
Credits: 5 ECTS
Date: June 20th-July1st, 2011
This 2-week module is devoted to selected topics in entrepreneurship, including a variety of contexts and pedagogical approaches that will help students to develop a few skills necessary to navigate through venture creation and growth, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and other aspects of entrepreneurial phenomena.
Module Director: Saulo Dubard Barbosa
Programme costs :Waived tuition fees for students from partner institutions.

For the whole program(module 1+module 2): 1,900

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