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更新于 05-31

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  • 08-31 14:12 兰德公司:2020年,中国将成为世界上最穷的国家

    声明:此报告不代表任何政治立场,只具有其参考价值,思考比评价更重要。 ----兰德公司报告      1、中国人不了解他们作为社会个体应该对国家和社会所承担的责任和义务。     普通中国人通常只关心他们的家庭和亲属,中国的文化是建立在家族血缘关系上而不
  • 05-10 15:09 《做你自己-life is what you make it》读书笔记

    良好的工作态度,首先就在于勇于发现自我,当从事自己喜欢的工作时,即使异常艰辛,劳苦,你依然可以在工作中享受乐趣,甚至产生一种神圣感。   真正重要的是工作的实质:激发无限的好奇心,验证对实际业绩的预测能力,体验发掘价值和新机遇的可能性。   一个健全而持久的工作态度
  • 04-15 10:24 积分突破2000留帖纪念

  • 04-09 21:16 CEIBS TEST

    Shanghai, sunny   At this weekend, I attended the CEIBS TEST. Test time is from 2:00-4:30.There are five parts of this test and each part with 16-18 questions that must be finished in 30 minutes. In my opinion, this test is easier than GMAT. But unfortunately,when I finished the t
  • 04-03 15:19 句子问题

    Granted that the presence of these elements need not argue an   authorial awareness of novelistic construction comparable to that of Henry James , their presence does encourage&
  • 03-27 17:10 A Arithmetic Problem

    Bill is a good student and an intelligent boy. He likes to study arithmetic , and he can do all of the arithmetic problems in his book easily. One day on his way to school Bill passed a fruit store. There was a sign in the window which said, "Apple-Six for five cents." An idea
  • 03-27 01:04 choice

    My totur advise me to apply a PHD programme. he care about me, and he think it's a eazy way for me to have a better and safe life. but only I know what lift I realy want and what work I love. when I walk on my road, I feel longly and don't know what will happen next day. what I should do ju
  • 03-21 12:54 开启小宇宙~~

    GMAT悟道之旅~~ 这种“悟”来源于对自我弱点的深刻剖析,来源于对自我强势的暗示,更来源于每次悟前不断的练习的奠基。
  • 03-13 19:16 新生


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    a13579bcd: 唉,都是这样,纠结纠结就习惯了,你是做哪行的啊?

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