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标题: Unlock the Door to a Successful Admissions Interview [打印本页]

作者: Turmoil    时间: 2016-1-25 10:34     标题: Unlock the Door to a Successful Admissions Interview

All too often I’ve seen applicants approach their graduate business admissions interview as if they had nothing to lose – walking in with the misguided perception that the interview is merely a formality rather than a critical part of the admissions process.

How you perform in your admissions interview will often determine whether you are admitted. The reason business schools place special emphasis on the interview is because so much of the MBA experience depends on the composition of the classroom. Projects are usually team-based, and professors lead discussions rather than just lecture. Admissions professionals are tasked with finding the right candidates who will work well together and add value in both the classroom and the workplace. Interviews are therefore every bit as important as GMAT scores, grades, or letters of recommendation.

If you want to unlock the door to a successful admissions interview, then preparation is key. Here are four solid tips that can help you position yourself to stand out against the competition and earn a place in your dream school:

Remember: Your interview starts before the first words are even spoken. Following these tips will increase your probability of getting an admittance letter to the graduate program that’s the right fit for you and your career aspirations.

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