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标题: MIT Sloan MBA 面经 [打印本页]

作者: 星星点灯    时间: 2014-12-12 12:22     标题: MIT Sloan MBA 面经

As for the interview, It is all behavioral and very conversational. I don't think the interviewer asked me a lot questions and a lot of them just came up because what I said. The interview is a lot less intense than the HBS one and we did share some laughs together. The interviewer have everything from application in her Ipad and she did check on it from time to time. She did remind me to say the outcome of the events just as you did. For the most part, she let me talk until the cows come home, and she was writing on her note pad all the time except the last 15 minutes.

1. What's new since you submitted your application?
2. How do you work in a team?
3. describe a professional achievement that you are most proud of.
4. How do you co-manage the project with other team?
3. Describe a situation where the outcome is unsuccessful and out of your expectations
4. Describe a difficult situation with your manager
5. Have you encountered someone that fell behind? (Professional experience)  
6. Describe a situation that you have to push for change?
7. Describe a situation that you pushed for change but the outcome does not meet your expectation.
8. What are your contributions in your work? (couple follow up questions here for clarification)
9. Have you met a difficult customer?
11. Why MBA and why Sloan?
12. What do you do for fun that is not work related?
13. Anything else that you want me to know that I have not mentioned?

She gave me 15 mins for questions. From here on, it is free-style conversation, and she barely wrote down anything on her notes. I just worked with the flow.
1. I asked about student clubs and she is not very sure so she said she will connect me to someone.
2. I asked about ops-lab and other international opportunities.
3. We talked about treks and electives. and my potential contribution to the classes and action-learning style.

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