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标题: LBS MBA 校友面经 @ HK [2011-2-25] [打印本页]

作者: Bala    时间: 2011-4-22 21:05     标题: LBS MBA 校友面经 @ HK [2011-2-25]

The interview began immediately with a brief introduction on the interviewer's current work and a roadmap that the interview would go by his questions, the impromptu presentation and Q&A.

The interviewer asked me the questions below:

1.    Tell me what you do for a living.
2.    Tell me a typical day at work.
3.    A leadership experience at work.
4.    How would you comment on your leadership style?
5.    What do you plan to do with your career if you are not taking MBA at this time?
6.    Why this career path?
7.    Would posts are you targeting after MBA?
8.    How would an MBA help you with your career? Why LBS?
9.    Would you consider opportunities in other industry or field after MBA?
10.    If you don’t leave your current post, do you have an idea of what your next assignment would be?
11.    How do you find it different to work elsewhere in Asia, such as Singapore and Japan?
12.    What do you like and dislike about working and living in Hong Kong?
13.    How do you identify staff that is not performing?
14.    How have you dealt with the underperforming staff?
15.    Leadership experience with extracurricular activities.
16.    What other schools have you applied to?
17.    How would you evaluate Chicago Booth and Yale SOM?
18.    Do you give presentations at work?
19.    Elaborate on your previous promotions. If you don’t leave your current company, when would you expect your next promotion and how would the responsibilities change?
20.    Where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 to 10 years?
21.    Do you wish to work in US or London before to move back to Asia? Where of Asia?
22.    Tell me a time when you took a risk at work.
23.    What was your most recent travel?
24.    What music instruments do you play?
25.    Which banks are the largest players in your industry? How would you consider your bank’s current market position within the corporate banking industry?
26.    What would be your strategies to improve your bank’s market position?
27.    How would you rank the schools you applied to? If you receive all the offers, which school would you go to?
28.    What have you done to find out about the schools?

For the Impromptu, I was given a question on whether the good GDP growth in Germany is out of good fortune or strategy & planning. The interviewer further asked how I would compare these measures taken by Germany to the situation in UK after my presentation.

I asked the interviewer the questions below:

1.    How have LBS influenced your career decision?
2.    How have you found the recognition of LBS worldwide?
3.    What was your most memorable experience at LBS?
4.    Could you tell me more about London the city? How did you find the weather?
5.    How have LBS prepared you for your career?

It was a very long interview. I was absolutely exhausted when I came out! The interviewer is a seasoned man and has solid management experience. While I enjoyed our conversation and was amazed by his exposure, I did find his questions difficult. I hope I didn’t do so bad.

Anyhow, hope this helps and wish you all best of luck with your interviews!!^^
作者: suners    时间: 2011-4-22 21:18

Thank you LZ.

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