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标题: [面试经验]Boston College (BC) MSF 2.23 晚10:30 面经 [2011-02-23] [打印本页]

作者: 小城假日    时间: 2011-3-11 15:59     标题: [面试经验]Boston College (BC) MSF 2.23 晚10:30 面经 [2011-02-23]

传说中的Carlos,我觉得他长得都像Desperate Houswives那个剃了胡子版的Carlos.

开始是非主流的out of resume的问题,后来我Skype掉线(RP太差==),变成打电话,问题也变常规了。总共44分钟。
1. You have lots of interests and you love sports, why do you love sports?
2. What do you do out of your work?
(Volunteer work, tutoring children to paint and sketch)
So you are good at painting? Show me your paint.
3. What do you do at work?
4. Why BC?
5. Why change your major?
6. What do you like about Finance?
7. Career goals?
8. leadership experience
9. You have so many community activities and interests, how could you manage you time?
10. You are young and lack of long time experience. How could you make up? Your contribution to the program?
11. You love art, but how can you sacrifice your passion in art when you choose finance as your career?
12. Your questions


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