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标题: LBS interview experiences sharing(2010.4.29) [打印本页]

作者: cream    时间: 2010-5-5 14:54     标题: LBS interview experiences sharing(2010.4.29)

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I have completed my LBS interview today. Now what I can do is to wait for the final decision on May 20. Here, I would like to share some interview experiences to all applicants.

LBS is a very good business school. This interview contributes to my impression. I feel that LBS deliberately choose a fit interviewer for me. I am a senior manager with over 9 years experiences in Fortune 500, Family business and entrepreneurship. And the interviewer is a VP in AIG. I learned that he take LBS in his 33—the same as my age—as a vice general manager in Ping An Insurance. This matched arrange contributes to my smooth interview a lot.

I have not met any typical behavior questions. Our opening is brief and effective. The interviewer have read my CV and essays carefully beforehand. And I can feel his serious through his nice arrangement and check my ID card.

My first question is “ Why MBA, Why LBS” .

My second question is to discuss my family business and start-up business plan. Very detailed. Including Swot analysis, industry situation, competitor’s analysis, business plan in 5, 10 , 20 years. And step by step. Even talk about my talent pool and successor plan. Fortunately, all questions related with my daily work and I have thought it numerous times. So I show my confidence and speak it out in English fluently. Without any hesitation as I practice typical behavior STAR stories in my mock interview. I feel excited to discuss these with the interviewer. And I can feel his exciting.

Also, he asked about my failure case, which is the only STAR story I was asked. Surely I prepared this case very well with the help of my mentor.

In addition, he care about my globalized my start-up business plan. And go detail to learn more about what extent I know how to handle cross-cultural team management problem. I feel that LBS care this a lot.
And he asked me LBS is very strong in Finance. How could I get all finance course without any finance experiences.

And next step is that I asked him some questions.

Later I consider I have completed all interview process. When I say thanks and give my closing speech, he told me that I have a presentation to do. My topic is “ Innovative is mentioned by most of big company, but they all lack of innovative. Could you give some reasons and how to solve this problem. Do you consider innovative is the key for a company in 21th century?”
That is all my interview. Last nearly 2 hours. I feel good and love LBS more now. Hope I can contribute to all other guys who are preparing interview of LBS.
作者: stream    时间: 2010-5-5 15:07

谢谢分享!这么晚了 还有面试 不错啊!加油加油!
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