Chicago Booth MBA Interview Questions 2010

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With Round 1 interview season marching on, even more applicants are posting their MBA admissions experiences on the TOPWAY.  A candidate for Chicago Booth recently shared this off-campus Round 1 interview with an alumnus:

“I just finished my off-campus alumni interview this evening. My interviewer was very pleasant and the interview, quite conversational. The interview lasted an hour and was at a Starbucks. I’ve paraphrased some of the questions as I don’t remember them verbatim.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. So why are you seeking an MBA now?
  3. Why Booth?
  4. Talk about your leadership experience. What/who has influenced your leadership style?
  5. Give an example of a leadership-based conflict.
  6. What role do you take on in a team? How have you handled a team-based conflict? (Follow-up questions specific to my story)
  7. Booth has classes that present different settings: group-based, individual, project-based. Which ones do you have a preference for? Why?
  8. Which extracurricular activities are you looking to engage in at Booth?
  9. Why would you choose Booth over other schools you might be considering?
  10. Any questions (for the interviewer)?

Good luck, everyone!”


伴随着第一轮面试季节的到来,更多的申请人和我们分享了他们的MBA面试经验。一位Chicago Booth的申请人向我们分享了他的在校园外进行的第一轮面试。面试官是一位毕业生。


1.      谈谈你自己。

2.      为什么你现在想要开始学习MBA课程?

3.      为什么选择Booth

4.      谈谈你的领导经验。是什么或者谁影响了你的领导风格呢?

5.      举个例子说明你如何运用领导能力克服困难的。

6.      你在一个团队中扮演什么角色?你是怎么负责让整个团队克服困难的?(下一个问题是针对我的回答提出的)

7.      Booth的课程有很多不同的设定,有组群的,有个人的,有整体大项目的,你会选择哪种?为什么?

8.      你想参加Booth里德哪项课外活动?

9.      你为什么会选择Booth,而不是其他学校呢?你是怎么考虑的?

10.  你有什么问题要问我么?


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