Reapplicant Strategy for Chicago Booth

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I've received lots of e-mails from many of you over the last few days regarding the reapplication process. For those of you contemplating reapplying to Chicago GSB, let me give you a few pointers. First, since we redesign the application somewhat each year, it is important that you approach your new application with a fresh approach. I would encourage you to review your old application and supplemental materials before beginning to write. While we will keep your old application (and may refer to it in our evaluation), we will look to your new application for the content, insights, goals, and lessons learned from your previous application. Oftentimes, reapplicants focus on just updating their old application and fail to provide us with a well-rounded view into their candidacy. While the presentation requirement is the same, the balance of the application components has changed. Make sure you think strategically about what messages you want to present and where in the application that message fits best.

Many of you have learned a lot about yourself through last year's application process and may find reapplying less time consuming. Unless you have major structural changes to make, a round one application may be a good option for you. But remember, quality is always more important than timing. Good luck!

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