Reapplication tips for Chicago Booth MBA

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Taking advantage of a quiet day before her team returns from vacation next week, Chicago Booth School of Business Director of Admissions Rose Martinelli devoted a recent post on her blog to the reapplication process, noting that she’s received several requests for information about it from prospective re-applicants.

First, Martinelli recommends carefully evaluating whether reapplying makes sense for you. For starters, she advises, take a look at your original application, including any additional information you may have submitted through the waitlist process. “The objective is to understand how well you presented yourself in your original application and identify if there are any areas that you can improve upon this year,” she writes. It’s not a bad idea to ask a friend or colleague for feedback as well, she adds.

Second, think about what you learned as part of the initial application process. Have your goals changed or become clearer? Can you provide evidence of greater strengths or progress this year in key areas such as academics, career advancement or community involvement? “In summary, are there things that you would do differently now just because you know the process AND yourself better?” she asks.

Finally, if based on the above considerations you do feel like you’ll make a strong re-applicant candidate, tackle the application itself. Think about the key messages you want to convey and how to do so most strategically through your essays and presentation. Though the Chicago Booth admissions team will include your prior application in your file, you should make sure that your new application presents a complete picture of you as an applicant.

And don’t take shortcuts, Martinelli advises. “My recommendation is that you take a fresh approach to crafting your application this year and avoid adapting old essays or presentations,” she suggests.

Martinelli plans a subsequent post in the near future devoted to more practical reapplication questions, so keep an eye out for it on the
Rose Report. Or, if you have specific questions, she invites you to email her directly.
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