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Prospective Applicant Series V - Scholarships for Chinese/International Students (2000 information, may change for year 2001)
- Olympus Inc. Scholarship: awarded to a student from the developing world on the basis of demonstrable need and merit. The grant provides full-tuition support for both years of study, assuming satisfactory academic progress.
- Wharton Chinese Scholarship Fund: Every year, the School awards a scholarship to a student from Mainland China. This renewable scholarship pays full tuition and a living stipend. The recipient is selected on the basis of need and merit. Preference is given to candidates who are interested in furthering the economic development of their country and are strongly committed to returning to China after graduation.

- financial aid not available

- scholarship available to all students primarily based on academic excellence and demonstrated qualities of leadership. Awards are granted to first year students and are primarily for the first year of study only. Approximately 20% of the entering class receives scholarships. Generally, the award amount ranges from $10,000 - $20,000. Scholarship recipients will receive notification in April. International Students can get a loan of $35000 each year without US cosigner or full expenses with a cosigner.

- five full-tuition and five $10,000 scholarships for international students , Citi loan available

-Nursalim South East Asian Scholar,Awarded to a student from Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, or
-Tam Yik Fong Scholarship - Preference will be given to a student from mainland China who demonstrates high academic qualifications and achievement.
-5 Samuel Bronfman Foundation Fellowship (full-tuition) for all students
-1 Rita B. Cohen Memorial Fellowship (full-tuition) for all students
-2 Goldman, Sachs Fellowship (full-tuition) for all students
-1 Heilbrunn Fellowship (full-tuition) for all students

- Merit based scholarships, 20% award rate (partial tuition)

- Fellowship maximum 1yr tuition

- Loan for the 2nd year, no aid for 1st year

- Merit-based scholarships, 1/3 award rate, 3000-full tuition

- Dean's fellowship for 1st yr only

-5 full tuition for all students, some other 7500-10000 or full tuition for internationals
-MasterCard International Scholars Program--The MasterCard International Scholars program offers five two-year, full tuition and fees scholarships to members of each entering class based on potential for academic and business success. All students who apply to Darden prior to the February deadline and are accepted will automatically be considered for a MasterCard International Scholarship.
-International Scholarships--Merit-based scholarship. Two or three $7,500 renewable scholarships are awarded annually.
-General Motors International Scholarships--Merit-based scholarship. Three or four $10,000 renewable scholarships are awarded annually.
-IRC Asian Scholarship--Annual merit-based, full-tuition, two-year scholarship for an Asian national student.
-Worrell International Fellowship Program--This program is for students from developing countries who demonstrate a commitment to bettering the domestic economy in their countries through post-MBA employment. Typically this commitment is demonstrated through four years of work with indigenous entrepreneurial or other for-profit companies, or governmental, humanitarian or educational enterprises after the successful completion of the MBA. Following this commitment, the fellowship will release participants from all or some MBA program academic and living expenses through a loan forgiveness program.
-Hansel Scholarship--Merit-based scholarship. One renewable scholarship awarded biannually.

- Scholarships available based on both merit and need

- Scholarships available, international loan available

Carnegie Mellon - no aid available

U of Texas at Austin - no aid available

Stanford - Various Fellowships and loans

Washington University
- 15 full-tuition and stipend fellowship available to all students

U of North Carolina
- merit-based scholarship

Indiana University
- Merit based scholarships and assistanceships

U of Maryland
- 12 fellowships with stipend and assistanceships, very generous to Chinese. As far as I know at least 2 Chinese got the full package this year. If you get a high GMAT (above 750) but no money, apply to Maryland.

Rice - no aid available
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