In @ INSEAD + Experience Sharing [2012-02-23]

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2012 Autumn Intake / 2013 July Class - start in France

Got the call from the admission team last night and then followed by a confirmation email. So excited!

- male
- management consulting 4.5 years (China and the U.S.), and non-profit (part-time in China) 2 years
- GMAT 750/6.0 (took more than once), IELTS 8.0
- 211 university, bachelor, business background, and internatinal exchange studies in continential Europe

Feelings about INSEAD:
- people are so nice and friendly. My interviews with two INSEAD alumni (one is a senior Partner at McKinsey, and the other is an entrepreneur) were really conversational, relaxing and sincere, very different from my interview experience with top US schools (e.g. H and S) - my views could be biased due to the differences of specific interviewers, but I truly love the people I met from INSEAD.
- the culture is really international and diversified. Although I had heared about that for many times, after talking to the INSEAD alumni, I found that the concept of globalization and the inclusiveness of different cultures were far beyond my expectation.

Look forward to this one-year life changing experience at INSEAD and wish everyone the very best of luck in your application!
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