In @ Columbia MBA ED + 面经 [2011-11-17]

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4+ years healthcare industry experience in US.
applied 9.21, interview requested 9.28, interview 10.17, interview complete 10.18, second interview requested 11.10, second interview through phone 11.16, received the call from Mary Miller 11.17. Yes, it took me 4 weeks after interview completion to receive a decision.

Want to say hi to future classmates:)

一面还是很传统的,1个小时20分钟,很多dig in问题;
go through resume;
why MBA;
why now;
why Columbia;
Career goals;
what do you want to learn at Columbia;
What could you bring to Columbia community;
leadership style;
ethical dilemma;
conflict at work;
Tell me something about you people won't expect or can not tell from your resume.
Questions for him.

二面重点career goals, why Columbia, why now。

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