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Date: February 16, 2011
Time: 8:00 – 8:45am
Venue: Starbucks
Interviewer: A very friendly American gentleman who has been in Hong Kong for around 6 months now
Style: Friendly chat

The interviewer asked me the questions below:

1. Tell me about yourself outside of your resume that you feel I must know.
2. Walk me through your resume.
3. Why Booth? Why MBA now?
4. Which professors or the faculty of Booth especially excite you?
5. What other schools have you applied to?
6. What do you think about Chicago the city?
7. How do you plan to finance your tuition fees? Are you aware that MBA is a huge investment and commitment?

I asked the interviewer the questions below:

1. Now that you have worked in Hong Kong since last August, how have you found the Booth alumni network in developing your personal network in the Greater China Region?
2. I have heard of the strong reputation of Booth’s career services in assisting students on job placements. As I seek to further develop my career in an international backdrop, how would you advise me to utilize the career services in this respect?
3. What were your most exciting highlights of your time at Booth?
4. Could you tell me more about Chicago the city?

Overall, the interviewer was very friendly and I enjoyed our conversation. He created a relaxed environment so that I could be myself during the interview. He also puts effort in creating a conversation, rather than a one-way interview. From our conversation, the interviewer has proficiently provided insights of why I shall choose Booth over other schools. His candid character has further reinforced my good impression of Booth alumni, as well as my expectation of a good people experience at Booth. I felt if the interview has established a good rapport to enhance mutual understanding between the school and myself.

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