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G 740/T 110/WE 4 years in high tech

My Kellogg interview was done with an alumna in a cafe. She was given a list of standard questions by the school prior to the interview and basically followed the template. She asked for a lot of details and took notes.

Kellogg Interview question: 
1) your work experience
2) how you moved to your current job from your undergrad (I wasn’t a business student)
3) tell me when you were analytical
4) an obstacle you encountered
5) your experience with a tough person
6) your understanding of an ideal leader
7) what is your leadership style
8) your hobbies
9) your community service experience

During the interview, you really got the feeling that the school wants to know you as a person, not just what you do professionally. My interviewer was extremely friendly and generously shared her personal experiences at Kellogg.

Good luck to everyone out there still waiting for Kellogg :)
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