CMU Tepper MBA Letter of Recommendation Questions 2010-2011

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Please address the following questions in completing your letter of recommendation (Characters in your response:7900;可以上传文件):

1、In what area is the candidate most exceptional?

2、In what area does the candidate need most improvement?

3、Discuss how effective the candidate is when working with others. (Consider whether the candidate is a leader, is sought out as a team member, commands respect of her or his associates.) 

4、Rate the candidate’s achievements when compared to her or his peers. (Consider the opportunities the candidate has had to make use of her or his abilities and how effectively she or he has exploited them; also, consider whether the candidate completes assignments and is an effective performer under stress.)

5、Describe the candidate’s ability to communicate verbally, in writing, and through presentations. (For a non-native English speaker, how well does she or he use English?)

6、Any additional statement you wish to make concerning the candidate’s aptitude for an MBA and/or her or his potential for becoming a responsible and successful business leader.

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