UCLA Anderson MBA Letter of Recommendation Questions 2010-2011

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1. What is your relationship to the candidate? How long have you known him/her, and to what group are you comparing the applicant?
2. Comment on the candidate's career progression to date.
3. Comment on the candidate's aptitude for strategic thinking, leadership, and/or management.
4. How would you compare the candidate to others with similar responsibilities in your organization?
5. How would you describe the candidate's developmental needs and progress to date?
6. Describe how the candidate has dealt with setbacks, challenges, and/or disappointments.
7. How would you describe the candidate's role(s) on teams?
8. How is the candidate perceived by others in the organization, including subordinates, peers, and senior management?
9. Is there anything else that you would like us to know about the candidate?


Letters of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation are important because they provide the Admissions Committee with additional information in regard to your leadership and/or management skills or potential.  You are required to provide two letters from individuals who are well acquainted with you and can address the questions on the recommendation form.  One of these letters should preferably be from a direct supervisor.  If you are unable to ask your current supervisor for a letter of recommendation then you may ask another work-related source such as a client or manager from another department who knows your skills.  You might also consider asking a former boss from a previous job or a boss who has left the company.  We are looking for a recommendation from someone who knows you and your work well.

If you have been working for less than two years, you may include an academic recommendation in lieu of one that is work related.  The title or position of the recommender is less important than his/her ability to comment knowledgeably and in detail about you.

If you are an entrepreneur or work in a family business then you have several options for choosing a recommender.  In these types of situations, you may approach a client, your accountant, or your lawyer for a recommendation.  If you are actively involved in community engagements, you also may ask for a recommendation from a supervisor within the organization.

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