UT Austin MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-campus

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1. Walk me through your resume.
2. Why an MBA? Why Texas?
3. What’s the weakest part of your application?
4. What’s the strongest part of your application?
5. Describe how you deal with situations where you have a teammate who’s difficult to work with or isn’t living up to his/her part.
6. I briefly mentioned my undergrad institution, and the interviewer ended up asking if I was applying to that school for my MBA because it has a strong program. After I said no, the interviewer asked why not.
7. What’s the most difficult professional challenge you’ve had on a team?
8. In what ways will you contribute to and enhance the McCombs environment while you’re in school?
9. What were all the essay questions this year? (I think the interviewer asked this out of personal curiosity to see if they’ve changed what they’re looking for. However, the interviewer could have been trying to keep me on my toes by making sure I remembered what UT was looking for.)
10. What’s your absolute ideal job after school?
11. Why do you want to leave your current job?
12. What single accomplishment are you most proud of?
13. What do you consider to be your greatest success up to now?
14. Is there anything you’re not looking forward to about McCombs or that concerns you?
15. Whether I had any other points I’d like to mention that the interviewer might have missed or I would like to highlight during my interview.
16. Ended with me asking a couple questions on the interviewer’s experience at McCombs.

- It was very conversational and relaxed. You could tell it was intended to see if the person fit w/ the McCombs culture.
- It lasted ~ 1.25 hrs.
- It was a partially blind interview. The interviewer had my resume, but hadn’t seen my essays, letters of recommendation, etc.
- I believe the school selects people for interviews based on the person’s quantitative assets (GPA, GMAT, months work experience), so the interview is meant to make sure you fit into their collegial, collaborative environment. The final determinant comes from the AdCom when they review the essays, letters, resume, etc. All the students and alumni I’ve met are extremely enthusiastic about the program, and I can tell they want someone who shares the passion for the program. They realize McCombs is a back-up for most people shooting in the Top 10 programs, so they want to find people who truly want to be there. They said that many people make mistakes in proclaiming how great Austin is for living/working, while forgetting to differentiate what makes McCombs their ideal program over other similar schools.

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