Ross MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1/Alumnus/Off Campus

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The interview was in a coffee shop in New Delhi, India – very comfortable atmosphere. The Ross interview is a blind interview and the interviewer in fact did not even read my resume before interviewing me.

Questions I was asked

- What are your career goals?
- I wrote about my family business in the resume, so he wanted to know what the company does
- He wanted to know if I see potential in the industry of my family business? Where I see the industry in about 10 years
- Tell me about a struggle?

To answer this, I spoke about some projects at work, in which I struggled to convince my team members about something. The interviewer was not happy with this and wanted something deeper. He said it should be something I am comfortable talking about but wanted to know something deeper, something that changed my perspective, what I learnt from that- he rephrased:

- One of the toughest situations that I have been in
I spoke about my experience of working with a non profit in Africa

- Tell me about a failure
- What would my coworkers say are my strengths?
- What would my coworkers say are my weaknesses?
- Have you faced problems working in a team? what is the common reason for this in different situations?
- If you had one super power, what would you do
- Questions for him

Overall the interviewer was extremely friendly and easy to talk to. From the start, he told me that people at Ross do not take themselves and life too seriously and he asked me to just relax and let him get to know me. I enjoyed speaking to him and also learning about his experience at Ross.

I was surprised by the questions about a struggle and also the one in which he asked what I would do if I had one superpower. Overall pleasant experience.

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