Chicago Booth New Admissions Blog: “Booth Insider”

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The admissions staff at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business yesterday announced the launch of the “Booth Insider,” a new admissions blog where prospective applicants can get all the latest news about the school and its admissions process.

The new blog replaces outgoing Dean of Admissions Rose Martinelli’s “Rose Report.” Martinelli announced earlier this week that she will be leaving her post as admissions director to assume a new role as assistant vice president of enrollment management for the University of Chicago. Kurt Ahlm, a senior member of the admissions team under Martinelli, will serve as Chicago Booth’s new dean of admissions.

In an introductory post to the Booth Insider, Ahlm pledged to continue Martinelli’s commitment to providing transparency in the admissions process. He also added that the new blog will not have just one voice, but rather eight different contributors from the admissions team. “With these different voices, you’ll be able to obtain multiple perspectives on issues affecting prospective students,” he wrote. He also invited input from readers about topics they would like to see covered. “If there is a topic we haven’t addressed, let us know!” he wrote. “We want t make sure we’re covering topics of interest to you.”

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