Berkeley Haas Essay Topics 2010-2011

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Short Answer Questions

1. What are you most passionate about?  Why?  (250-word maximum)

2. Tell us about your most significant accomplishment. (250-word maximum)

3. At Haas, our distinctive culture is defined by four key principles — question the status quo; confidence without attitude; students always; and beyond yourself. Give an example of when you have demonstrated one of these principles. (250 words maximum, Review Berkeley-Haas’ Defining Principles)

4. There are many ways to learn about our program, what steps have you taken to learn about the Berkeley MBA? (250-word maximum)


1. Give us an example of a situation in which you displayed leadership. (500 word maximum)

2. What are your post-MBA short-term and long-term career goals? How do your professional experiences relate to these goals? How will an MBA from Berkeley help you achieve these specific career goals? (1000 word maximum)

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