Michigan Ross Essay Topic Analysis 2010-2011

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Essay 1: Introduce yourself in 100 words or less.
This question is somewhat similar to prompts found on the Harvard Business School and NYU Stern applications.  However, rather than introducing themselves to classmates, Ross applicants are required to introduce themselves to the admissions committee in an extremely concise manner.  While it’s important to be consistent throughout your responses, and thus a brief mention of your career goals may be appropriate, we encourage applicants to use this opportunity to showcase the unique elements of their personality and candidacy that they will not have the chance to address in their responses to the other application essays.  This can be related to your background in terms of a particularly interesting work or extra-curricular experience.  In doing so, this essay will allow applicants to demonstrate the well-rounded nature of their candidacy even within the 100 word limit.

Essay 2: Describe your career goals. How will the Ross MBA help you to achieve your goals? (500 word maximum)
This is a variation of the typical career goals essay.  In the 2006-2007 application season, the wording of this essay question gave applicants a helpful clue about how Ross’s adcom characterizes its school’s program.  Though this hint does not appear in this year’s question, “action-based learning” remains a distinguishing element of the Ross education.  This essay provides a great chance for applicants to demonstrate their understanding of this school’s unique approach to learning, and doing so effectively will make a positive impact on the adcom.

As is the case with most schools, demonstrating an understanding of the unique merits of Michigan’s program is crucial to an effective response to this question.  Taking the time to learn about this school’s curriculum, special programs and extracurricular activities—whether through a visit to campus or conversation with alumni—will pay dividends here.

Essay 3: Describe a time in your career when you were frustrated or disappointed. What did you learn from that experience? (500 word maximum)
This prompt offers a wide range of topics open for discussion, and thus there are a variety of personal skills and qualities that an applicant can highlight.  Some examples of relevant topics include disagreements with one’s team or superiors, receiving negative feedback, making unpopular decisions, responding to a co-worker’s or employee’s mistake, or being faced with an ethical challenge.  It’s important to concisely outline the situation by clarifying what caused you to feel frustrated or disappointed, as well as refrain from playing the “blame game.”  In responding to the second part of the question, applicants should focus on the steps they took to improve the situation or resolve the problem, the overall lessons learned from the situation, and how they’ve applied them specifically going forward.  In demonstrating your leadership abilities, communication skills, creativity, and overall growth from the experience, you will show the adcom how you persevere through frustrating and disappointing circumstances – something that points to your ability to succeed through future trials at Ross and in your career.

Essay 4: Select one of the following questions. (300 word maximum each)

What are you most passionate about and why?
A candidate’s foremost passion is a popular essay topic among business school admissions committees, and understandably so; it gives a reader a sense of an applicant’s values, priorities and interests, and has implications for an applicant’s future plans and potential involvements while in school. As you reflect on potential topics for this essay, remember that the adcom will be expecting your response to line up with your stated professional goals to some extent, and that professing a deep dedication to family or an obscure hobby isn’t going to do much for your candidacy.  Think broadly about themes in your background and the forces behind your decisions and involvements, and arrive at a topic that is true to your passions, allows you show the adcom a side of yourself not covered in your other essays, and ties your goals and previous experiences together to some extent.

We expect that Ross MBAs will not only be effective leaders, but also effective teachers. How will you contribute to the learning experience of your peers at Ross?
This essay offers applicants the opportunity to explain how their leadership and teaching abilities will allow them to benefit the Ross student community.  In explaining one’s intended contribution, we encourage applicants to reference one or two past experiences in which they demonstrated superb leadership and/or teaching capabilities.  Applications should aim to use this essay to highlight their interpersonal and skills as well as their ability to teach others.  After referencing one’s past successes, applicants should smoothly segue into how they could benefit their fellow students at Ross: for example, if you currently act as the president of an extracurricular club, you could discuss how this leadership experience would allow you to take on a study coordinator role for your section at Ross.  It’s important for applicants to keep in mind that the heart of their essay will be a focus on interpersonal relationships, as the essay is a time for applicants to demonstrate their ability to not just succeed on an individual level, but also to motivate and lead others.

This essay provides applicants the opportunity to explain how they intend to contribute to Ross as a whole, such as becoming the leader of certain extracurricular clubs and thus benefiting their peers’ learning experiences. Indicating what clubs, organizations, or programs you hope to participate in and how you will take on a leading role will go far in demonstrating your enthusiasm for and commitment to the program.

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