Wharton Recommendation Questions 2013-2014

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Please give us your appraisal of the applicant in terms of the qualities listed below.
Compare the applicant with others whom you know to have applied to graduate school or with individuals in your organization who are being groomed for positions in senior management.
Use the drop list below to rate the applicant from Outstanding (Top 5%) to No Basis For Judgement.
Ability to Manage Uncertainty (how do they handle: difficult situations, challenging interpersonal experiences, ambiguous problems):
Maturity/Self Awareness:
Communication Skills (written and verbal, English Language:

Please provide additional commentary to support your choices above.(Characters left in your response 1000)

Please answer the following questions in a separate document, using the Upload Document button at the bottom of the screen. Please also:
Answer all of the questions in a single document.
Single space your answers.
Separate your answers by writing each question at the top of each response.

1) Describe your relationship with the applicant; what kind of role does s/he play within your team/organization? How does his/her performance compare to that of peers? (500 words)

2) Continual development is an important part of the Wharton MBA experience. What is an area of growth that you would recommend this candidate focus on during his/her two years at Wharton? (500 words)

3) As we are evaluating this candidate for a place in the class, what’s the most important thing we should know about him/her? (500 words)
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