Yale SOM Deadlines 2010-2011

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If you’re planning to apply this upcoming year for Yale SOM’s Class of 2013, summer is a great time to get started on your application. The deadlines for the application rounds this year are:

Round 1
Application Deadline: October 7, 2010
Decision Notification: December 16, 2010

Round 2
Application Deadline: January 6, 2011
Decision Notification: March 25, 2011

Round 3
Application Deadline: March 17, 2011
Decision Notification: May 12, 2011

For those candidates applying to SOM through the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, whose mission is to enhance diversity in business education and leadership, the deadlines for that application are November 15, 2010 (Round 1) and January 5, 2011 (Round 2). For both of these Consortium rounds, the SOM decision notification date will be February 25, 2011.
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