Chicago Booth MBA Admissions Round 3 Update

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The Admissions Committee at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is wrapping up Round 3 interviews and reviewing the applications of candidates who have already interviewed, according to a post earlier this week on the Booth Insider MBA Admissions Blog.

May 18th is Chicago Booth’s Round 3 decision release date, so expect to hear then whether you have been admitted, waitlisted or denied. Previously waitlisted candidates will also hear from the Admissions Committee on the 18th with similar news. “While we hope to enroll as many waitlist candidates as we can, the possibility does exist that some students will continue to be on the waitlist through the summer,” the post advised.

Beginning in June, the school will start getting first deposits from Round 3 admits and second deposits from Round 1 and 2 admits, which will give the Admissions Committee a much clearer sense of what the Class of 2013 will look like – and also what waitlist movement should take place. “We’ll then continue to closely monitor the waitlist as spaces become available throughout the summer,” the post continued. Rest assured. If you continue to be on Chicago Booth’s waitlist during the summer, you can expect to receive regular communication from the Admissions Committee.

As always, best of luck!

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