Stanford MBA Admission Interview Tips

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Stanford GSB MBA admission interviews are by invitation only. The admission committee reviews the candidates’ application before considering them for interview. They consider around 800 MBA applicants for this round. The Adcom contacts candidates via email or phone.

Note: Do not call or contact the admission office to request for an interview.

Interview Duration:  1- 1.5 hrs

Style of Interview: Friendly and conversational

Tips -Dos

Tip 1: Research

Research about Stanford GSB and find out what attracts you to the school. It should be something unique that would help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. Although you might have researched about Stanford GSB for your essays repeat the process.

Resources for Research

  • Standord GSB's MBA website
  • Forums and Blogs
  • Conversation with current students
  • Information from Alumni.

Tip 2: Be consistent with your story

Answer the questions confidently. Any doubts in your mind with respect to what you have written in your essay would give the impression that you had made up the story or you are not fully prepared for the interview. In either case, it can hit your chances of being selected.

Tip 3: Read Read and Read again

Read your resume/application at least 5 times. You should be able to converse on any aspect of your story with confidence.

Tip 4: Be confident

Although the interviewer would pose questions in a friendly manner, there can be times when he/she can ask probing questions. The idea behind scrutinizing your story is to find out whether you truly believe your own candidacy to Stanford GSB. Lack of confidence, verbally or non-verbally can seriously jeopardize your chance of getting into Stanford GSB.

Tip: Waitlisted Candidates

If you are waitlisted without an interview, send an acknowledgement accepting your spot in the waitlisted group. Adcom will invite you for an interview only after you have accepted the spot for the interview.

Tips - Don’ts

Tip 1: Do not dress in casuals

Even though Stanford GSB is not known for its strict adherence to dress code, it is advised to wear business formals for your interview.

Men: Suit and tie
Women: Pants, Suit or a skirt suit
Note: Only when the interviewer clearly mentions in the invitation letter that you can dress in casuals, you should think about dressing in business casuals.

Tip 2: Do not try to be someone else

Applicants are under the assumption that if they can show themselves as someone who could be a good fit for the school, then their chances of admission would improve. Stanford GSB is known for its diversity. It is better for you to show your uniqueness than confirming yourself to a pre-determined standard.

Tip 3: Do not ask for interview feedback

Stanford GSB business school in its AdCom blog has clearly mentioned not to ask for interview feedback.

Key Questions

  • Why MBA?
  • Why Stanford?
  • Did you apply anywhere else? Why?
  • Have you thought of pursuing your career goals without getting an MBA?
  • Walk me through the resume
  • What was one of the defining moments in your life?
  • When was the last time you received constructive criticism and how you reacted?
  • What are some of your biggest accomplishments?
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • What is your leadership style?
  • What motivates you?
  • Any questions for me?
  • A time when you failed?
  • Any regrets with the career path you have taken.

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